We work together to improve the quality of life for all residents of, businesses in, and visitors to the Lower Polk neighborhood.

Here are just a few of the ways we do that:

The LPCBD’s Cleaning, Maintenance, and Safety program includes regular sidewalk sweeping, alley cleaning, refuse removal, regularly scheduled steam cleanings, pressure washing, graffiti removal, tree pruning and watering, tree well weeding with crushed granite replenishment.


Our outreach team works closely with our Ambassadors and other staff members to identify and reach out to people who are experiencing homelessness. We have formed relationships with numerous community based organizations and believe that homelessness requires an interdisciplinary approach.


The Lower Polk CBD works closely with city agencies and non profits to help beautify and modernize the district. From tree plantings, lighting, alley way cleanups and more. We hope to make Polk Street a vibrant place for residents and visitors alike.  Learn more about upcoming beautification projects.


The Lower Polk Community Benefit District is engaging in a pilot program with Terracycle for recycling cigarettes, in April 2017, 5 cigarette recycling posts will be set up along Polk St. Every year, billions of cigarette butts end up in dumpsters and landfills, or get tossed as litter on shorelines, parks, and sidewalks across the US. The waste collected through this program is recycled into a variety of industrial products.


The combined deployment of the staffed JCDecaux bathroom and our Mobile Relief Center have caused a large drop in human waste and improperly discarded needles in the neighborhood. Throughout the Lower Polk CBD human waste 311 calls are down by 34% (2015 vs. 2016) Likewise 311 needle reports in the Lower Polk CBD are down a whopping 58% (2015 vs. 2016).

If you have a service request, you can quickly contact us by clicking on this button:

Learn about our mission, our Board Members, the areas that we serve, our partners in the community, and more.
We also have a documents page that contains our management plan and meeting agendas.

Our Neighbors. Our Neighborhood.

Median Income

Lower Polk Street is home to hundreds of unique stores, merchants, businesses, and restaurants which help to serve the diverse residential population in the district. Here’s a quick look at our community.

  • Population – 36,800+
  • Households – 24,000+
  • Median Income – $52,684
  • Businesses – 2,761
  • Median Age – 37.8 years

Don’t forget to visit our Lower Polk Neighbors, and also learn about our Monthly Art Walk.

Visit our documents page to see copies of our meeting agendas, management plan, engineer’s report, and more. Here is the agenda for our upcoming May 19, 2017 Meeting.