Revised Feces Map

Our “Poop Map.”

One of the sad realities of living in many urban areas these days is poop on the sidewalks. San Francisco is no exception, and according to our own data (and publicly reported data), this city had a 39 to 40 percent increase in 311 “feces calls” between 2015 and 2016.

But this poop issue is where we here at the Lower Polk Community Benefit District absolutely shine. While the rest of San Francisco has seen a massive messy deluge of new poop calls, we have actually had a 34 percent DECREASE in calls for feces removal.

We credit this decrease to three major initiatives.

First off, we have a team of Ambassadors who constantly patrol our area and pick up trash, clean graffiti, and yes – clean up poop. We are also lucky to have a JCDecaux public toilet in our district. When we first started the CBD, that public toilet was a haven for criminal activity. But we instituted a monitoring program that now monitors that public toilet 7 days per week. We have a person posted who makes sure it stays clean, that no illegal activity happens, etc.

In addition to our Ambassadors and our staffed JCDecaux public toilet, we also have a mobile relief center program that makes toilets available to people who are experiencing homelessness.

It is this combination of these three groundbreaking programs that have allowed our district to essentially be the only part of San Francisco that has not had an increase in feces calls. There is a saying that we all have something that we are good at in life, and it’s just a matter of finding it. Well, I think we can make a good argument that the Lower Polk CBD knows its poop!

To see a PDF version of our “poop map,” click here. . . 


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